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Live Without TV
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When my family’s only television set went to the repair shop the other day, my parents, my sister, and I thought we would have a terrible week. ...

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Sam Houston was born from Scottish-Irish decent. His forefathers were immigrants that had settled in Pennsylvania and migrated south towards Vir...


Morrie once said, “dying is only one thing to be sad over… living unhappily is something else.” Morrie Schwartz was a remarkable person, a wonde...

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Tiffany and Company is one of the leading U.S. luxury jewelry brands, and their telltale “little blue box” has become a coveted item by women ev...


In the book Ishmael, Daniel Quinn argues claims about our culture and beliefs through Ishmael, the gorilla. He somewhat effectively argues his c...

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The following are some ideas to help you pick a topic for the Market Failure Research Paper assignment. Consult with your instructor if you are ...


Memory is an important cognitive process that guides our behaviours; it is often relied heavily upon to solve small matters in everyday life and...

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Q1. Did China and Mexico each do a good job of adapting the launch to meet local consumer needs? What is the likely profit impact of each plan? ...

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Prompt: “There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest”Justice ca...


What is a PHP Remote File Include (RFI) attack, and why are these prevalent in today’s Internet world? a. A Remote File Include allows an attack...

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Early childhood education is important because it represents the fast growth in the learning ability during the first five years of life. During...

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In the article “Letting Go” that was being published in The New Yorker, Atul Gawande addresses the issues regarding to the current medical care ...


Using the data set published by joint venture banks in their annual reports, and NRB in its supervision annual reports, this paper examines the ...


1. INTRODUCTIONIn this era of modernization, electricity has become the cup of life. A moment without electricity makes your thinking go ...

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Carl Robins, a junior recruiter for ABC, Inc, with only a limited amount of experience, commendably retained 15 new employees in April. The newe...

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The history of South Africa in the last hundred years before the coming of democracy has clearly reflected the trends of many countries througho...


1. The Advocates Act, 1961.Introduction:The right to strike is one of the fundamental corollaries of the right to freedom of assoc...


Refer to the sets of the aggregate demand, short-run aggregate supply, and long-run aggregate supply curves. Use the graphs to explain the proce...


When preparing a movie production a great deal of things require consideration, for instance money is a crucial component that will be needed to...


In A Separate Peace by John Knowles, Gene is a teenage boy who attends a boys boarding school in New England with one of his only friends, Phine...

A Separate Peace,Gene,

National Income Statistics and Standard of Living

The national income statistics show that the USA has the highest standard of living; this can be proved by looking at the gross national income of The United States, which is $12,969.6 million, and the gross national income per capita which is $43,740. This figure is over 125 times the income per capita of Tanzania which is $340. This also suggests that the standard of living in Tanzania is very poor. The UK calculated a gross national income of $2,263.7 million, and a gross per capita figure of $37,600, making it the country with the second highest standard of living, behind the USA and ahead of New Zealand, Czech Republic and Russia.

China has a higher gross national income than the UK at $2,263.8 million; however it only has a per capita income of $1,740, which is only higher than Indonesia, Pakistan, Kenya and Tanzania.

This suggests that it has a poor standard of living, despite having a large national income. This may be a result of a distorted distribution of income, with the wealthier part of the population having a considerably higher income than the rest of the population.

2 million, and had a gross national income per capita of $1,280.

The national income is also higher than New Zealand’s figure as well as the figure for the Czech Republic. However, New Zealand’s per capita income is 20 times higher than Indonesia’s, meaning the standard of living is higher there, than it is in Indonesia. Colombia has a GNI of $104.5 million, and a Per capita income of $2,290. This means the standard of living is higher in Colombia, than it is in Indonesia, even though Indonesia has a national income twice the size of Colombia’s figure. This may be due to the fact that Indonesia is almost 5 times the size of Colombia, and therefore has a larger percentage of people living in poverty.

Fair Comparisons?

Although we can compare different countries easily, there are many limitations in using national income (NI) statistics to compare the standard of living between countries. One limitation can be caused due to there being no common unit of measurement, as some countries use their domestic currency to measure the national income whereas others use US dollars to measure national income. Therefore there is no standard unit, which leads to frequent inconsistencies. Another problem with using national income statistics is that there are many inaccuracies due to the difficulties in the measurement e.g. non-marketed goods such as the service of a housewife are not counted in the NI calculation.

The goods and services produced and sold in an illegal manner in the black economy such as drugs and gambling are also not counted in the NI calculation. Also, Price changes within specific markets also cause inaccuracies e.g. Due to price rises, the value of national income for a particular year tends to increase even when the production is decreasing. A further criticism is that the NI statistics do not take into account the distribution of wealth, as a result, the standards of living within a country may be subjective, e.g. countries with a very small, very rich upper class and a very large, very poor lower class may have a high mean level of income, even though the majority of people have a “low standard of living”. Furthermore, an increase in national income may lead to an increase in the amount of goods and services available for consumption, which will increase the standard of living; however this is not necessarily true, as national income does not measure non material measurements, such as life expectancy and pollution levels. Therefore, problems are created when NI statistics are used to compare the standard of living.

Alternative Measures of the Standard of Living
Human Development Index (HDI)

The Human Development Index is a simple average of three indexes reflecting a countries achievement in health, which is measured by life expectancy. Education, which is measured by adult literacy and gross enrolment ratio, and Living standard which is measured by GDP per capita in PPP terms (purchasing power, disposable income). A higher HDI indicates a higher standard of living and vice versa. HDI index values range from 0 to 1. The countries with an HDI of over 0.800 are a part of the High Human Development group. Those between 0.500 and 0.800 are considered as Medium Human Development countries. The countries that fall below 0.500 are the Low Human Development countries. The inclusion of other indicators in HDI allows it to give a better picture of the state of well- being of a countries population. E.g. people in Norway live a longer life than those in the USA, even though the USA has higher national income statistics.

Norway’s life expectancy at birth in in 2006 was 82.9 years; by comparison, the life expectancy at birth in the USA was only 77.7 years. Another advantage of using HDI, as opposed to GDP, is that due to it only being 1 value, it allows statistical analysis to be completed and overall a practical measure for databases, and models. Although it is a more accurate representation of the standard of living than GDP, the HDI is a rather crude measure of standard of living, as it does not include many aspects of development in its index, such as war, political oppression and emotional change, just to name a few. As a result, it can never be a fully accurate representation of the Standard of living in a particular country.

Date: Oct 14,2021